Laptop buying guide :

Laptop buying guide :

Laptop is a basically a professional device.  Laptop is for doing a special tasks. 

If you are a student , professional Freelancer, Businessman or a employee, 

You should use a laptop for doing your work in the easy way. 

laptop is a compact and portable device, so go for thin and light laptops. if you want a gaming laptop this(thin and light) is  not for you.


Laptops are basically classified as a budget laptop (under 30k) ,middle range laptop(around 50k)  and flagship Laptops(above 80k).

Before going to buy a laptop you have to thing about the work and software you will run on it.

According to your usage you have to identify which configuration do you want to easily all the tasks.

And also fix your budget according to Specifications you needed

  • Everyone should  give first priority to Performance :

Processor is the brain of laptop.

There are two popular processor brand. Those manufacturers good processor for other laptop brand know as

Intel and AMD. They have their series of processors . I3 I5 I7 I9 are the series having different  generations.

And AMD have Ryzen 3, Ryzen5,  Ryzen 7 with different  generations

For the daily uses Intel processors are preferred, but for the Heavy uses like gaming and  video editing AMD processor Work much better place than the Intel.

As the intel is popular band in the processor Market   the laptop comes with intel are much costlier than AMD Ryzen.

If you are budget is low and you want  best performance in your laptop you should go for a Ryzen processor.

For basic tasks , multimedia and browsing you should go for I3 or Ryzen 3 processor, which will run your daily.

If you want a little higher. Casual gaming and basic editing laptop you have  to have Ryzen 5 or i5 powered laptop.

If you run heavy  software and  are you editing to long videos ,higher processors like i7 and Ryzen 7 laptop will perform these  much well.

All these series have their generation look for the latest generation. It will give you a much better performance than the previous one.  In Intel 10th generation is latest one and they also announced 11 generation also.

  • Now the Ram :

Minimum 4GB Ram is Required for PC to run smoothly having I3 processor.

If you go for a I5 laptop ,it need to have 8GB Ram minimum to work smoother.

Many laptop have extra slot for expanding ram. Check whether you are laptop have extra slot to expand  ram and how much does it supports ,if necessary in future.

  • Next to the Storage:

Laptops are basically  have two types of storage.

Hard disk drive (HDD) And solid state drives(SSD)

Hard drives offers more storage than the SSD in the same price, but they have lower read write speeds as compared to solid state drives.

If you are buying a laptop in 2020, you should choose SSD laptops.

It will Fast your boot time and smooth and quick processing speed.

SSD are 10 times faster as compared to HDD in read write speeds.

You can easily differentiate SSD and HDD laptop while just trying it.

Because the speed  you get on SSD laptop is much much  faster than your HDD ones.

If you have a 1tb of HDD storage  and 256gb /512gb SSD at the same price,

You should go for or 256 or 512 GB SSD instead of a 1tb hard drive.

Many laptops comes  extra slot for increase storage just by putting additional Drive in your laptop. So check before buying a laptop. Does your laptop have extra slot?



  • Display :

Display is one of the most important part of a laptop, but the downside of Indian market is many laptop have TFT display And IPS displays,Which  have less Colorcontrast compared to a AMOLED or a Retina display.

You should buy laptops with Full HD panel . Some budget laptops  comes  with HD screen for cost cutting. But you should look for a FHD display budget laptop.


  • Ports :

Before going to buy laptop take a look on ports it has.

2 USB ports, 1 HDMI port  and SD card slot are compulsory for any normal laptop.

If  a laptop have Thunderbolt and type C connecters It will be the best thing. 



  • Battery :


Brand give fake battery backup information as they promised to give 10, 12 to 13 hours a backup. 

You have to research the reviews and find out how much actually battery backup it has.

Probably  four to six hours battery backup from a laptop with normal usage , but tye altra books will gives 10 to 9 hr of battery Life.


  • Graphics card :

If you  want to run AutoCAD or an Animation software, Design softwares your laptop have to loaded with a graphics card .

For normal Graphics work 2GB of graphics is needed.


If you’re going to get a gaming laptop 4GB graphics card will give better gaming performance.

Modern laptops comes with integrated graphic ,if you run any normal graphicsal work  on laptop It will be enough to have integrated graphic.


  • Build quality :

Laptops basically have a plastic build or a metal build.

You should choose metal build for a laptop that it is more reliable than plastic


  • Operating system (Os):

Most of the laptop have windows as a operating system . It is easy to learn and to operate. Other Os are Mac, linux, etc.

If you have a budget above 80k you have to choose apple macbook  , they are all round hits. Professionals and corporate person prafer a MacBooks as they have high privacy protections

If you going to have laptop for gaming apple macbooks are not for you.



If you want more information about different laptops check out the Comparison


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