There are a lot of option in the market. But you have to Choice One according to your needs. Several things you have to consider before buying a smartphone. 



First comes the performance:

 Smartphone performance is based on a processor used in it. 

There are two popular bands Snapdragon and mediatek who made chipsets for mobiles. 

And  also the Apple and Samsung have their own chipsets bionic and Exynos respectively.

Snapdragon chipset are preferable and reliable according to the industry.But it comes at a cost . 

MediaTech have cheaper chipset as compared to snapdragons.

 There are the levels of chipsets in Snapdragon. There are the series of 400,600,700 and 800 are popular As in MediaTech there is P & G Series.  Mediatech also have 5G processor which known as  Diamond City Including700,800,1000. 

Processor act as a brain for the smartphone 




Next  is RAM and Storage:

 Minimum 4GB Ram is sufficient to run all the tasks used by Normal people’s for multitasking 6 GB Ram is enough. 


Many people things more Rams mean more faster phone. That’s not true. 


Storage type is important to Faster the smartphone speeds. 

Ufs 2.1, ufs 3.1. These are the faster storage. And they are latest technologies. 


The smartphones comes at 64GB storage 128 GB storage and 256 GB storage. 

For normal people 64 is enough to storage all the photos, videos and other things 



If you need more storage and think to expand in future, you have to consider a triple slot before buying a smartphone.   Your smart phone storage  can be extended using a SD card. 



Let’s go towards  battery:


Minimum 4000mah battery is  Basic line for today’s smartphone or there are options in market with 5000mah and 6000mah battery.

Battery is  heaviest part in the smartphone. 

You have to see the battery/phone supports  how much watt charging? 

The standard is 10 Watt. 

18 watt, 30 watt are more faster than standard one



Camera :


Camera has multiple choices . 64 108 megapixels are the trendy tags used by company  to Market their smartphones. 

Megapixels cannot Define The clarity of Photos 

It is the lens which tells how much clear the photo will come.

Sony sensor are much clearer than Samsung ones

There is triple cameras,Quad cameras features in a smartphone which content primary sensor, Ultra wide,telephoto a depth sensor and so on. 








Display there are two types of display mainly used in smartphones  IPS display and AMOLED displays

Which are only made by Samsung.

The AMOLED technology is costlier than the IPS.

Hance only few smartphone have AMOLED displays. I think every Samsung phone comes with AMOLED display.

If you come consume multimedia on your smartphone alot you have to go for AMOLED.

Because the color and contrast you get on AMOLED is Much better then IPS. 



  • Wireless charging
  • Gaming Mode
  • Fingerprint sensor vs Face Unlock
  • Bluetooth version
  • IP Rating
  • Dual sim
  • Reverse wireless charging
  • Stereo speakers
  • NFC
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi


Everything comes at cost

Before going into this specification you have to fix your budget.

And accoding to it you have to find the best configuration , specs and features comes under your budget



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